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Our Directors & Producers

All of our Back-to-One Staff  are trained and working professionals.

Bronwen Carson

Director & Writer

Bronwen Carson is an award-winning writer and generative director. She’s a New York International Fringe Festival Excellence in Directing award recipient (April’s Fool), a member of the 2024 playwriting cohort at The Dramatist’s Guild, recipient of the 2023 Goddard Engaged Artist Grant, the 2022 Unleash Press Book Award,
and the 2021 Rona Jaffe Breadloaf Scholar Award. Her debut novel, Magpie, published in March 2023 (Unleash Press) is currently nominated for the National Book Award and the PEN/Hemingway Award. She’s a two-time Drama League generative writer-director finalist and her work has been supported by The Director's Lab at The Actors Studio, Sarasvati Creative Space, Irondale, The Ross
Foundation, The Rona Jaffe Award, NY Int’l Fringe Festival, The Ailey Center, Skirball, The Watt Family Foundation, Meetinghouse Literary Journal, Unleash Press, TÉA Artistry, Duke Films, GRASP, The Private Theatre, The Dramatist’s Guild, and The Sundance Institute. Her latest film, Has Anyone Seen Bill? was filmed in North Carolina in January 2024 and she directs a staging of Red Silk in
New York in spring 2024. SDC, SAG-AFTRA, AG.

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Andy Brewster Headshot

Andy Brewster

Director & Producer

As a co-founder and Head of Production at Triality Studios, Andy has been at the forefront of pioneering virtual production in NC while creating commercial content for agencies and influencers ranging from Ryan Reynolds' MNTN to Mr Beast. While a College Ambassador with the Producers Guild of America (PGA), he produced 2 feature films, one currently with distribution. As a director, Andy has crafted shorts that have screened at festivals internationally (For the Taking, Caesura, A Piacere) and worked with new talent, influencers, and established Hollywood actors. His projects have filmed in Los Angeles studios to the sub-freezing slopes above Lake Tahoe to the Mojave desert. In his own work, Andy leans into magical realism, stories that make us as "what if" and help us see our own worlds a little differently.  

Peter Scheibner

Director & Producer

As a director, Peter believes that the greatest role he can fill is giving shape to the story, then finding the right team to tell it. Filming around the world, Peter is drawn to unique stories and unknown worlds. Some of Peter’s awards have been for brands like L.L. Bean, or for his documentary work around Sept. 11th. As the Head of Creative at Triality Studios, Peter works with teams that come to Triality to shape their vision and see it come to reality. He has three children, and is active in the film community of North Carolina.

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BTS of short Film at BTO Creative Artists Group

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Virtual Production Examples

Here are some similar-in-scope scenes the Triality team produced on their beta stage in 2023...

Virtual Production

Virtual Production

Physical Production

Here are other similar-in-scope scenes Andy directed and/or produced in Los Angeles while with Action Studios for up-and-coming actors who are now actively booking gigs in Hollywood or NYC...