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Back-to-One Press Release 2024

BTO Creative Artists Group

Feb 22, 2023

Back to One Announces New Management & Expansion in 2024

Raleigh, NC – Back-to-One Acting Studios and Productions, one of central North Carolina’s premiere resources for training and developing actors and creative talent, is excited to announce foundational changes to the company’s ownership, operations, and offerings as it looks to expand in 2024.

Peter Scheibner, a formerly Boston-based director, and Andy Brewster, a formerly Los Angeles-based producer and director who both now call Raleigh home, have bought a majority stake in the Back-to-One brand and are overseeing a transition in the company’s structure and offerings under the new title of “Back-to-One Creative Artists Group.” Daryl Ray Carliles will remain a minority owner and Creative Director for the organization.

“As filmmakers and storytellers behind the camera who are committed to Raleigh’s growth and potential as a home for high-production-value storytelling, we were so excited to be early partners with Daryl and the team at Back-to-One” said Andy Brewster. “As we continued visiting classes, we realized something special was happening here. Especially after working in Los Angeles, it was evident that Raleigh’s larger talent pool had a lot of room for growth, and the practical on-camera and on-set skills the top-notch instructors were teaching at Back-toOne quickly made a huge difference in the caliber of auditions we received and talent we hired for projects filming here in Raleigh.”

“This is a monumental task in front of us”, says Peter. “The opportunity to grow the talent base in the Raleigh area is too important to pass up.” He is most excited about finding new ways to expand the student base, and create more opportunities for alumni.

Daryl Ray is “beyond excited for the new expansion and the future of BTO and its talented alumni! Being able to work with Andy and Peter over the last year has solidified the power of taking the essential training that we offer our students to the next level by putting actual directors and producers in front of them, allowing them opportunities to not only book professional acting jobs, but also get invaluable feedback and guidance throughout the process. This partnership brings exciting new possibilities for BTO Creative Artists Group including talent management and casting opportunities for all our alumni!”

Along with the change in ownership, Back-to-One will be hosted by Triality Studios on the east side of Raleigh’s I-40 beltline. Triality is a production company designed to seamlessly integrate virtual production technology into the content creation pipeline (whose founding team also includes Andy and Peter). Triality currently operates North Carolina’s only commercial LED volume for virtual production and are expanding its footprint this year to become the largest facility of its kind between Atlanta and DC, offering a brand new level of production capabilities to the mid-Atlantic region.

The close partnership with Back-to-One will allow for classes and workshops to be hosted at the studio’s emerging state-of-the-art facilities and put its students at the hub where some of the area’s top producers and creatives create projects.

Arelious R Porter added, ”I started with Back-to-One two years ago and it has honestly changed my life. Not only has it exponentially made me a better actor, I’ve found a community that encourages and supports me throughout my journey. I’ve now transitioned from an alumni to Client Relations because I want to connect people to a community that is uplifting and empowering. Ultimately my goal is to help make their dreams a reality. With Peter and Andy, I believe that we can make that happen.”

Hannah Lawrence, Office Manager at Back-to-One shared that “From the high-quality training to the supportiveness of my peers, I knew I found something special when I started as a student of BTO in 2022. I became an intern for the studio because I wanted to constantly be in a creative environment. Now as the Office Manager of BTO Creative Artists Group, I am most excited to be a part of opening doors for my fellow actors which would not be possible without the expertise of Andy & Peter!”

“I’m thrilled for BTO Creative Artists Group to showcase not only their expertise in teaching diverse courses but also their role as mentors for a variety of actors, supporting them from the inception of their passions to the realization of their dreams” said Phillip Kim, a Back-to-One alumnus and current intern with the organization.

Back-to-One is also in the process of unveiling its reimagined core slate of classes and brand new workshops. The programming will offer comprehensive training for students just beginning to seasoned professionals looking to develop their craft in areas such as Meisner technique or stage combat.

“With this new collaborative innovation and partnership, we are able to work more one-on-one with our alumni to build a roadmap for success when it comes to their acting careers or continued practice of their training in the arts! As we refocus our team and process, we have more support than ever to continue guiding our Alumni to successful careers!” added Daryl.

Later in Q2, Back-to-One will also be unveiling workshops for students seeking to develop skills for roles behind the camera led by some of the area’s pre-eminent cinematographers, directors, and creatives.

“As a producer here in a smaller market, I’m always on the lookout for freelance crew members who have practical experience and tangible skills. Being able to quickly hire grips, production assistants, and project coordinators (among many others) who are dependable and know what they’re doing is huge for what I and all the other producers and production companies in the area do” said Andy Brewster.

“When we all work together across disciplines we can create something impactful for our area” said Peter. “I believe that Back-to-One is headed towards a bright future”. To connect with Back-to-One, visit

Bios for Peter Scheibner and Andy Brewster

Peter Scheibner - As a director, Peter believes that the greatest role he can fill is giving shape to the story, then finding the right team to tell it. Filming around the world, Peter is drawn to unique stories and unknown worlds. Some of Peter’s awards have been for brands like L.L. Bean, or for his documentary work around Sept. 11th. As the Head of Creative at Triality Studios, Peter works with teams that come to Triality to shape their vision and see it come to reality. He has three children, and is active in the film community of North Carolina.

Andy Brewster - As a co-founder and Head of Production at Triality Studios, Andy has been at the forefront of pioneering virtual production in NC while creating commercial content for agencies and influencers ranging from Ryan Reynolds' MNTN to Mr Beast. While a College Ambassador with the Producers Guild of America (PGA), he produced 2 feature films, one currently with distribution. As a director, Andy has crafted shorts that have screened at festivals internationally (“For the Taking,” “Caesura,” “A Piacere”) and worked with new talent, influencers, and established Hollywood actors. His projects have filmed in Los Angeles studios to the sub-freezing slopes above Lake Tahoe to the Mojave desert. In his own work, Andy leans into magical realism, stories that make us ask "what if" and help us see our own worlds a little differently.

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